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Your Local and Professional Auto Hail Repair Experts in the Dallas Metroplex. Utilizing Paintless Dent Repair

We Specialize in everything Auto Hail Related! If you car has any damage from hail including dents, moldings, trims, windshields, etc.

Dallas auto hail repair near me

$0 Out of Pocket Cost

No Deductible

Free Rental

Before and after hail roof Ford chevy dodge. 0 deductible auto Hail Repair. car hail repair. paintless hail repair

Auto Hail Damage Repair

​File your claim, and let us do the rest.

  • Free pickup and delivery

  • Rental car assistance

  • Deductible assistance on approved claims 

Volks wagen before and after body line dent.


The small dents that bug you to see every day.

  • Quick Repairs take as little as 30 minutes!

  • Door Dings

  • The shopping cart on the loose

  • Creases 

  • Body Lines

Large Hail and door dings before and after

Large Oversized Dents

Palm-Size or Larger

  • Catch gone wrong

  • Minor Accidents

  • Minor Collisioin 

  • Nature 

Not located in Rockwall? We service paintless dent repair in Dallas and throughout the entire metroplex. See some of our service areas below.

Don't see your area listed? Call us today!

(469) 708-9645


Metroplex's paintless dent repair professionals perform thorough training to become reliable specialists in the field. Our techs deliver a wide assortment of paintless dent repairs every day across the DFW area. Metroplex Auto Hail Repair consists of fixing dents, dings, and creases on automobiles without harming the original paint job, helping preserve a vehicle's value. Our uniquely produced tools enable our specialists to repair your vehicle at a fraction of the cost and time!



Paintless dent repair is a specific and precise method intended to repair dented panels back into shape without endangering a vehicle's factory paint.



If your automobile has been hit by hail or dinged at random, paintless dent repair is the quickest option for your repairs. There are numerous advantages of PDR compared to conventional dent removal methods, including:


  • Affordable - because PDR doesn't demand a vehicle owner to buy new panels or new paint, it's far more affordable than conventional shop repairs.

  • Quick - while a traditional repair entails many elaborate steps and waiting times for new components or new paint, PDR is concluded within one specific process designed to get your vehicle back on the road fast.

  • Boosts resale value - new paint applied to a vehicle's factory finish will greatly reduce resale value, which is why PDR is extremely beneficial.

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